DRS: Applications/Registrations

Registration/Application Forms
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Name Type Description Revised
    **  Register electronically for any of the taxes below by clicking on the TSC
* In addition to Form REG-1, you must complete and attach the appropriate addendum(s) to register for any of the taxes noted below.


Admissions and Dues Tax Certificate **
Alcoholic Beverage Tax *
Aviation Fuel Dealer *
Bottle Deposit Initiator *
Business Entity Tax **
Business Use Tax **
Certified Competitive Video Service Provider Companies Tax *
Cigarette Distributor License *
Cigarette Dealer License (over the counter sales only) **
Cigarette Manufacturers *
Community Antenna Television System Companies Tax *
Corporation Business Tax **
Diesel Fuel Distributor License *
Dry Cleaning Surcharge **
Employer's Withholding Tax **
Heating Oil Declaration Distributor *
Motor Vehicle Fuels Distributor *
Motor Vehicle Fuels Exporter *
Petroleum Products Gross Earnings *
Railroad Companies Tax *
Room Occupancy Permit **
Sales and Use Tax Permit **
Satellite Companies Tax *
Solid Waste Assessment *
Suppliers of Natural Gas *
Tax Paid Motor Vehicle Fuels Distributor License *
Tobacco Products Permit *
Utility Companies Tax *
Instructions for the REG-1, Business Taxes Registration Application
License 2018 Application for Motor Carrier Road Tax Decals
License Certificate of Authority to Collect Connecticut Use Tax
Permit Farmer Tax Exemption Permit 2018
Permit 2017 Commercial Fisherman Exemption Permit 2017
REG-15 License Small Winery Certificate 2013
REG-19 License Low and Moderate Income Housing 2018
REG-20 License Materialman 2018

  • Cigarette taxes
  • Tobacco product taxes
  • Admissions and dues taxes
  • Dry cleaning surcharge
  • Rental surcharge
  • Tourism surcharge
  • Motor fuels tax
  • Petroleum products gross earnings tax
  • Alcoholic beverages tax
        • Bottle Deposit Initiator
        • Certified competitive video service provider companies tax
        • Community antenna television system companies tax
        • Nursing Home Provider 
        • Railroad companies tax
        • Satellite companies tax
        • Solid waste assessment
        • Suppliers of natural gas
        • Utility companies tax 
        Updated:  August 2018