DRS: 07-Forms/Publications Alerts

Forms/Publications Alerts

 This list identifies Connecticut Forms and instructions which have been changed subsequent to their initial release to the public. Versions now found on this site are correct unless otherwise noted; any version previously printed or downloaded from the site may be inaccurate and should be replaced.


Alerts for Publications and Forms Issued in 2007

Date Originally Posted Form Name/Number Date Revised Version Posted DESCRIPTION OF CHANGE
11/26/07 Form 211 CSV 01/03/08
There is a correction to the 2007 Form 211 CSV, Cable, Satellite, and Video Gross Earnings Tax Return, Line 2:
Form 211 CSV, Line 2 should read:  Enter the amount from Form 211 CATV, Line 3, if Form 211 CATV was filed.
The corrected version is now on the website.  If you downloaded Form 211 CSV before January 3, 2008, please download the corrected version.
12/28/06 CT-1120 DWC 01/12/07

There is a correction to the 2006 Form CT-1120 DWC, Displaced Worker Credit, Lines 3, 4, 6, & 8:

Form CT-1120 DWC, Line 3, should read:  Multiply Line 1 by Line 2.  Enter amount here and on Line 7 below.

Form CT-1120 DWC, Line 4, should read:  Total number of displaced electric workers hired that have completed at least six months of full-time employment (Do not include displaced workers included on Line 1.  Attach detailed schedule.)

Form CT-1120 DWC, Line 6, should read:  Multiply Line 4 by Line 5.

Form CT-1120 DWC, Line 8, should read:  Total tax credit:  Add Line 6 and Line 7.  Enter amount here and on Form CT-1120K, Part I-C,
Line 12, Column A.

11/27/06 IP 2006(34) 01/18/07 The DESCRIPTION OF CHANGE and Remarks on Pages 26, 28, 29, and 31, for Field Position 663-772 should read:  Required.  Enter payer Connecticut Tax Registration Number.  Right justify and fill unused positions with blanks.  Do not enter hyphens.
12/15/06 CT-1120A-IRIC 01/26/07 There is a correction to the 2006 Form CT-1120A-IRIC, Corporation Business Tax Return Apportionment Computation of Income From Services to Regulated Investment Companies CreditLine 11, should be blank.  Line 12 should indicate the decimal to be carried to six places.
01/22/07 CT-8801 2/1/07
There is a correction to the 2006 Form CT-8801, Credit for Prior Year Connecticut Minimum Tax for Individuals, Trusts and Estates, Worksheet B, Line 1, it should read:
Enter the amount for 2005 Form CT-6251, Line 16.  Trusts and estates:  Enter the amount from 2005 Form CT-1041, Schedule I, Line 16.
01/03/07 CT-6251 2/1/07 There is a clarification to the Line 12 instructions for the 2006 Form 6251, Connecticut Alternative Minimum Tax - Individuals.  A worksheet was added to the instructions to help with the tax calculation when taxpayers file federal Form 2555 or federal form 2555-EZ.
12/15/06 CT-1120I 3/1/07
There is a correction to the 2006 Form CT-1120I, Computation of Interest Due on Underpayment of Estimated Tax, Line Instructions for Part IV - Computation of Interest, Annualized Filers.  It should read:  Enter the amount from Part III, Line 16,
Column A, on Line 10a.  Enter the amount from Part III, Line 16, Column B, on Line 13c.  Enter the amount from Part III, Line 16, Column C, on Line 16c.  Enter the amount from Part III, Line 16, Column D, on Line 19c.
03/01/07 CT-W3 6/26/07 There is a correction to the 2007 Form CT-W3(DRS), Connecticut Annual Reconciliation of Withholding.  The due date on front of form should be changed from February 28, 2008 to February 29, 2008.