DRS: 04-Forms/Publications Alerts

Forms/Publications Alerts

 This list identifies Connecticut Forms and instructions which have been changed subsequent to their initial release to the public. Versions now found on this site are correct unless otherwise noted; any version previously printed or downloaded from the site may be inaccurate and should be replaced.


Alerts for Publications and Forms Issued in 2004

Date Originally Posted Form Name/Number Date Revised Version Posted DESCRIPTION OF CHANGE
12/11/03 CT-1120HCIC  01/14/04 Page 2, Part III, Line 1, in the corrected version reads "1998 Form CT-1120HCIC, Part 1, Line 8." In the original version, it read "1999 Form CT-1120HCIC, Part 1, Line 8."
  Tax Calculation Schedule (Last Page of Booklet) 01/15/04 Line 1 of the Tax Calculation Schedule contained in the Form CT-1040, Connecticut Resident Income Tax Booklet, incorrectly instructs taxpayers to enter their Connecticut AGI from Form CT-1040, Line 3.  Line 1 of the Tax Calculation Schedule should read "Enter Connecticut AGI (from Form CT-1040, Line 5)".  The Tax Calculation Schedules on the DRS Website and in the 2003 Package X are correct.
01/13/04 Form 207 EST 01/26/04 The corrected version of this form has a revision date of 1/04.