DRS: 2012-Forms/Publications Alerts

2012 Forms/Publications Alerts

This list identifies Connecticut Forms and instructions which have been changed subsequent to their initial release to the public. Versions now found on this site are correct unless otherwise noted; any version previously printed or downloaded from the site may be inaccurate and should be replaced.

Alerts for Publications and Forms Issued in 2012

Date Originally Posted Form Name/Number Date Revised Version Posted DESCRIPTION OF CHANGE
01/2012 Form CT-207K 02/2012 A correction was made to Section I, Line 1. The line reference for the CT-207F should be “Line 11” not “Line 7”.
12/2011 02/2012

A clarification was made to remove the reference to filing using Form CT-8109 in the Connecticut Withholding Tax Payment Schedule for Monthly filers.

12/2011 02/2012

Schedule 3 – Property Tax Credit

  • See instructions - the page reference should be “Page 29” not “Page 27”.
  • Line 66 – The page reference should be “Page 30” not “Page 28”

Schedule 4 – Individual Use Tax

  • Complete the Individual Use Tax Worksheet – The page reference should be “Page 32” not “Page 30”
 01/2012  CT-1040X 02/2012

A correction was made to the Tax Calculation Schedule – Line 1.

The following was added to the description for Line 1:

Nonresidents and part-year residents:

Enter income from Form CT-1040X, Line 7, Column C.

01/2012  CT-1120TCE
A correction was made to remove a line which created Column A and Column B for lines 14, 15, and 16. Lines 14, 15, and 16 should not have a Column A and a Column B.
12/2011 CT-2210   03/12/12 The Annualized Income worksheet in the Schedule A Line Instructions for Line 4 (page 7) listed the incorrect tax rate for Trusts and estates on Line d.  The correct rate is 6.7% (.067).
12/2011 CT-1120 RDC 04/05/12 A correction was made to Page 3, Part III, Line 6, Column E. The box for Part III, Line 6, Column E has been opened.
12/2012 IP 2012(23) 12/18/12
Language on Page 13 of the IP 2012(23) has been revised. Core RA Submitter Record Location Field 446-485 Contact Email has been changed to read: Required. Enter the contact’s electronic mail or Internet address. Left justify and fill with blanks.