DRS: Attorney Occupational Alert


The Department of Revenue Services (DRS) requires all taxpayers registered for the Attorney Occupational Tax to file the return and pay the associated tax electronically using the Taxpayer Service Center (TSC). The Attorney Occupational Tax is considered a business tax and filers should access the system through the business TSC welcome page. If your license is no longer active with the CT Judicial Department, you are not required to file Form 472. To verify your current status, go to the Judical Department's Attorney Look-up page.


Two options are available for individuals to file Form 472, Attorney Occupational Tax Return. A third option is available to file and pay for multiple attorneys:

  1. Taxpayers who already have an account in the TSC or who have the PIN DRS assigned after registering as a taxpayer:

a. Enter your CT Registration Number on the TSC welcome page. If you have a TSC account, enter your User ID and Password. Otherwise, enter your PIN to continue.

2. Taxpayers without a pre-assigned PIN or User ID:

a. Click here to "File Form 472 Attorney Occupational Tax Return". You will enter either the CT Registration Number, which appears on the electronic filing notice you received, or your Social Security Number to access and file your return. You must also enter your Juris number.


Bulk Filer Option:

If you are filing Form 472 return for several attorneys, the TSC provides a Bulk Filing option. Before filing, users must complete TPG-138, Application to Become a Third-Party Bulk Filer and fax or mail the form to DRS. DRS will mail you a Bulk Filer ID and instructions to file multiple returns at one time. The Bulk Filing application also allows you to upload a spreadsheet containing multiple attorneys. For additional information, visit the TPBF main page.


The TSC provides step by step instructions to file this return. If payment is due, you will be presented with payment options including the Direct Payment option.