DRS: Abusive Tax Shelters

Abusive Tax Shelters

Connecticut has joined the IRS and 48 states in a cooperative effort to identify participants and promoters of potentially abusive tax avoidance transactions, commonly known as abusive tax shelters.  As part of this effort, Connecticut has:

  • Enacted new penalties for both use and promotion of abusive tax shelters;
  • Assembled a trained team of auditors dedicated to uncovering abusive tax shelters;
  • Entered into agreements to exchange information with other states to create and maintain a database of taxpayers participating in abusive tax shelter activity.

Forms and Publications

  • Connecticut
    • Form CT-8886, Connecticut Listed Transaction Disclosure Statement [pdf format] 
  • Federal

Law and Legislation

  • 12-233, Examination of returns by Commissioner
  • 12-728, Deficiency assessments. Notice. Penalty
  • 12-733, Limits on time for making of deficiency assessments
Assistance and Self-Service Options

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