DRS: A Message from Commissioner Kevin Sullivan

A Message from Commissioner Sullivan

{Commissioner Sullivan}

In 1789, the first order of business in Congress was raising the revenue needed to assure our new nation's survival. Far more than just collecting taxes, at the Department of Revenue Services (DRS) we similarly provide the means necessary for the governance of our state and the programs, services and investments that Connecticut provides for its people. 


We strive to be leaner, flatter, smarter and more focused by taxpayer services than ever before.  We strive every day to be efficient, effective, honest, transparent and fair.  We try to be sure the voice of taxpayers is heard and that we understand the impact of our actions on their lives and businesses.


DRS is vigilant about tax evasion and fraud because those who do not pay their fair share increase the tax burden on everyone else.  But we will also offer information and assistance that maximize voluntary compliance by helping taxpayers stay out of trouble and resolve tax problems that may arise. 


We have a special responsibility to be open, accessible, and welcoming to all those we serve as individuals and as business taxpayers.   We invite feedback from our taxpayers.  We expect the best from our hardworking employees and welcome their ideas so that we can continuously improve the way we do the public’s business.


DRS also has a special responsibility to support Governor Malloy and work with all state agencies in restoring the fiscal and economic health of our state.


President Franklin Roosevelt observed that, “Taxes…are dues that we pay for the privileges of membership in an organized society.” Then again, Mark Twain said, “I shall never use profanity except in discussing…taxes.” Both messages guide us in our work at the Department of Revenue Services.


Thank you for visiting and using our website.  Please let us know how we are doing our job for you and for all the people of Connecticut.



Kevin B. Sullivan