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About DSS

The Department in Brief

The Department of Social Services provides a broad range of services to the elderly, people with disabilities, families, and individuals who need assistance in maintaining or achieving their full potential for self-direction, self-reliance and independent living.

Department Overview

The Department of Social Services (DSS) administers and delivers a wide variety of services to children, families, adults, people with disabilities and elders, including health care coverage, child support, long-term care and supports, energy assistance, food and nutrition aid, and program grants.  DSS administers myriad state and federal programs and approximately one-third of the state budget, currently serving more than 950,000 individuals in 600,000 households (October 2014 data).

By statute, DSS is the state agency responsible for administering a number of programs under federal legislation, including the Food Stamp Act, the Older Americans Act, and the Social Security Act.

The department is headed by the Commissioner of Social Services, Roderick L. Bremby. The agency delivers most of its programs through 12 field offices (including three benefits centers available by phone) located throughout the state, with central administrative offices located in Hartford.  In addition, many services funded by the agency are available through community-based agencies and partner contractors.

Mission and Vision

DSS Mission

Guided by shared belief in human potential, we aim to increase the security and well-being of
Connecticut individuals, families, and communities.

DSS Vision

To become a world-class service organization.

LEAN/Process Improvement
A concept that has become popular in light of the recent budget issues experienced at every level of civil service is the pursuit of Lean Government. This simply means implementing methods to improve processes based upon “what the customer values,” seeking to optimize value delivered to the public.

Employment opportunities

Field Office Locations

Divisions Within the Department

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