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Calendar - Screenings - UPTONADA



Bagel Fish Productions mockumentary, UPTONADA, has been chosen for the 2005 Provincetown International Film Festival. It will be screened twice on June 17th and 18th at 11:30 AM.

J. Anne Upton, dog walker by profession, is a zealous proponent and advocate of Yoga. Mike Marley's relationship with his beloved Natalie is in desperate need of counselling. Together, Mike and J. Anne found Uptonanda, a center where all who are in pain can find understanding and healing.

The film is 7 minutes long and stars Michael Chaban and Rayne Stockton with a cast of several.

It was shot entirely on location in Morris Cove, New Haven.

Directed and Photographed by Daniel Fine

Produced by Carla Stockton

Music and Titles by Edward Ludvigsen

Title animation by Edward Ludvigsen

Written by Fine, Stockton, Ludvigsen, Chaban and Stockton 

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