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Casting Calls



The CT Film Office has received numerous calls regarding extras work for various feature film projects as well as how to get started in professional production work as an actor.


The prospect of a role in a motion picture is exciting. When a casting call was issued for local extras on the Adam Sandler film Mr. Deeds, thousands of Connecticut residents turned out. But you don't need to have big name features in town in order to have fun as an 'Extra' or 'Background Talent'. There are several casting and extras casting companies in Connecticut and lots of independent films, commercials and other projects being produced each month. With a little preparation and perseverance, you can find work and tell your friends "see, that's me way over there in the corner!"

What You Will Need To Get a Role
Head shots. Simple B/W photos that show how you really are - nothing glamorous, and no color. Professionally done 8" x 10" head shots are the best and be sure to staple your resume (facing out) on all four back corners. Your resume should include your name and contact information, height, weight, hair, eye color and clothing and shoe sizes followed by any acting experience (even roles in your high school plays are fair game). And lastly, a list of any special skills you may have which in big cities such as New York can be as simple as driving a car. Also, be sure to mention any full uniforms you might have, i.e. a nurse or military uniform.

Agent or Casting/Extras Casting Company. While you might find casting calls on your own, having an agent is a must if you are serious about getting work. For companies listed in the Connecticut Production Guide, go to, click on Production Guide and then select Talent. The direct link to local extras casting companies is

First Day 'On the Set'
2 Forms of Identification. There will be forms to fill out and you MUST have 2 forms of identification. Driver's license and your Social Security card are the best choices. Most shoots require extras to have their Social Security card so the payroll forms can be completed. Bring a pen because there are never enough to go around.

Wardrobe. You may be asked to wear or bring clothes suited to the role. If not, you may have to change into another wardrobe for the shoot. Avoid bringing any valuables to the location -leave them in your car or at home.

Silent Entertainment. Ever hear 'quiet on the set?' You will likely be doing a lot of waiting and a book, magazines or other items will help you get through the day. Don't expect to run to your car or a nearby store for anything because that's when you will probably be needed… The 'quiet on the set' applies especially to cell phones. Only bring a phone with a silent mode and don't plan on taking any calls that requires you talk out loud.

Act Like a Professional. Listen carefully to instructions, relax and do a good job. Do not approach any of the actors, sit in the director's chair, leave the 'holding area' without informing the Production Assistant or look at the camera during a 'take'.

Get Experience. Check for casting calls and let people know you are available. Local plays, low-budget films and even corporate videos give you a chance to improve your skills and be more comfortable - and successful as an Extra. Good luck.

And don't forget to check this page for any casting calls at!


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