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Internships at ESPN
There is no 2nd string at ESPN. Peruse the halls of ESPN and you'll notice something. No benches. Lots of chairs, but no benches. That's because nobody sits on the bench at ESPN. Whether you're cutting highlights as a production assistant or making the next big sales pitch as a marketing executive, everyone in the organization is critical to our success, this includes our interns. The purpose of the internship program is to build a pool of promising, diverse college students who have developed skills and knowledge within the ESPN environment, and who can be tapped for full-time employment upon graduation. The program allows ESPN to assess an intern's performance and potential prior to converting considering their candidacy for a full-time offer. Internships are available Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Fall semester begins late September ending mid December and Spring semester begins mid January ending early April, both for a 12 week assignment at 25 hour a week. Summer semester begins late May ending mid August, also a 12-week assignment at 40 hours per week. Students earn an hourly salary, as well as housing assistance subsidy with ESPN provided housing in New York, NY and Bristol, CT. In conjunction with the internship program ESPN offers its interns an opportunity to meet, lesson and learn from talented Executives, representing various divisions and departments once a week in both the New York and Bristol locations through an Executive Speaker Series. This will help to provide insight into various departments as well as offer a global prospective of ESPN, Inc.

Intern Qualifications:

To qualify as an intern, students must:
Be in good academic standing and a full time student
Be completed with their Sophomore or Junior year
Be enrolled in a relevant bachelor's or graduate degree program
Meet minimum qualifications and requirements of the position.
Be authorized to work in the U.S. for any company.
Reviews / Evaluations:
The job performance of summer interns is evaluated twice during the 12-week internship. The intern's manager performs a mid-summer and final evaluation. Fall and Spring interns will receive a final evaluation at the termination of their part time internship. In ESPN's effort to continuously grow and improve the intern program, each intern is asked to provide feedback and program summary at the completion of his or her work assignment.

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