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by Judy Schultz



6/1-6/20 Independent feature film shooting in Southeastern Connecticut

Four Act Films will begin principal photography on THE BIG BAD SWIM May 29th. The independent feature film will be shot entirely on location in and around Old Lyme. For more information on the project, please visit Four Act Film’s web link Also seeking extras. See Casting Call below.

6/11-6/28 Indie feature filming in Hartford region
Indiscretion” is an existential story of redemption, hope, wrongs, rights and raw human emotion. 12 year-old Sophia dreams of peace and happiness while enduring the constant battering of her mother, Melba. In a subliminal cry for help, she ties a message to a balloon and releases it from her bedroom window. Unbeknownst to Sophia, the result is a series of chain reactions that dramatically affects the lives of many.

Produced by Anthony Colon and written and directed by Ivan Valez, East Hartford-based Outta Left Field Productions will film the indie feature in the Hartford region beginning mid-June. For more info on the project please visit


6/13 New Season of TRACE EVIDENCE on Court TV resumes Mondays at 10 PM
Connecticut forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee is the star of this series on Court TV. Many episodes of the show are shot in Connecticut where the stories took place and at Dr. Lee’s lab in Meriden. KLS Productions has returned to tape additional episodes in the state including a show that was shot in Waterbury in early January and another episode that was shot in Niantic and Stonington in April. TRACE EVIDENCE: THE CASE FILES OF DR. HENRY LEE can be seen on Court TV on Monday nights at 10 PM (second airing Saturdays at 10 PM). For more info on the show visit the Court TV link This week's episodes:


When a man is struck by an arrow, Dr. Lee takes up archery for his crime scene reconstruction. Though he was called in by the prosecution, will Dr. Lee's unbiased forensic analysis actually help prove reasonable doubt? And in the second half hour, a complex crime scene littered with trace evidence tells the story of a robbery gone awry. Dr. Lee must fight through a 104 degree fever while following a trail he hopes contains clues to a killer's identity.


A jogger in a Hartford park stumbles across the body of a woman lying in the grass on the edge of a golf course. But the leaves and soil Dr. Henry Lee discovers on the woman's clothing indicates to him that she has been moved. He must work backwards, following the evidence to the primary site, and once there undertake a massive job of fingerprint analysis. And in the second half hour, during the hunt for a killer Dr. Lee and his team must sift through a huge volume of clothing looking for any trace evidence. The DNA that is recovered shows that one man may be responsible for at least three unsolved homicides.

6/19 Southern Connecticut featured on “New England Living”
This segment on Southern Connecticut produced by New England Living will air on June 19th. Connecticut viewers in this region can see New England Living on WTNH/News Channel 8 on Saturday afternoons at 1:30 PM and Sunday afternoons at 12:30 PM. Another segment featuring Northwest Connecticut aired April 16th.


6/17-6/18 UPTONADA
New Haven-based Bagel Fish Productions mockumentary, UPTONADA, has been chosen for the 2005 Provincetown International Film Festival. It will be screened twice on June 17th and 18th at 11:30 AM. J. Anne Upton, dog walker by profession, is a zealous proponent and advocate of Yoga. Mike Marley's relationship with his beloved Natalie is in desperate need of counselling. Together, Mike and J. Anne found Uptonanda, a center where all who are in pain can find understanding and healing.

The film is 7 minutes long and stars Michael Chaban and Rayne Stockton with a cast of several. It was shot entirely on location in Morris Cove, New Haven. Directed and Photographed by Daniel Fine. Produced by Carla Stockton. Music and Titles by Edward Ludvigsen.Title animation by Edward Ludvigsen.Written by Fine, Stockton, Ludvigsen, Chaban and Stockton.


6/17-6/19 The Director's Cut Film Festival at the Ridgefield Playhouse

Have you ever wanted to to interview a great Hollywood director? Twice annually you will get an opportunity when the Ridgefield Playhouse Film Society retrospectively honors outstanding feature film and documentary directors. Premiering in June 2005, The Director's Cut Film Festival will screen six outstanding films selected by the director over the weekend. Following the director's opening night appearance, each screening will feature the film's actor, producer, writer or critic who will also be on hand for a Q&A session to discuss the film and be interviewed by you, the theatre audience.

Director's Cut Film Festival honoring Director Barry Levinson

Friday, June 17 at 7:30pm – Wag the Dog – Q&A and VIP Reception with Barry Levinson
Saturday, June 18 at 7:30pm – Liberty Heights
Sunday, June 19 at 7:30pm – BUGSY

VIP Package – Includes tickets for all three shows and VIP Reception with Barry Levinson $90.00
Standard Package – Includes tickets for all three shows $40.00
Senior Package – Includes tickets for all three shows at a discounted price for seniors $25.00
Student Package – Includes tickets for all three shows at a discounted price for students $18.00

For further info, please visit their website at


Synthetic Cinema, in association with Tripeg Studios, will offer the Script to Screen Screenwriting Seminars with Peter Fox. Seminars will begin on Tuesday, June 14th and will be held at Tripeg Studios, located at 2155 State street in Hamden, CT. The Script to Screen series, which was launched in March of this year, recently completed its first run, achieving critical acclaim. In the course, Mr. Fox, a former reader and story analyst for major producers at several Hollywood studios, covers the art and science of transferring a story into standard screenplay format. Also covered in the course is the business of marketing the finished screenplay to agents and producers. In the final class, students will have the opportunity to pitch their material for working film producers.

Mr. Fox is credited as an associate producer on the upcoming feature film “Hell’s Beacon”, and will co-produce the upcoming feature film, “EAT”; both produced by Synthetic Cinema at Tripeg Studios in Hamden. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles and has taught Screenwriting for the past five years. He has also been a guest lecturer at the University of New Hampshire.

Interested candidates for the upcoming Seminars should apply at, or call Tripeg Studios directly at 203-603-9386.

For information and directions to Tripeg Studios, please visit:


Casting for comedy feature - FilmCAMP: Reel 1

Principal photography: August 1 – August 15, 2005
Locations: New Canaan, CT, Stamford, CT, Norwalk, CT
Actors are non-paid, but will receive copy, credit, and meals

Forward head shot and resume by mail or e-mail:

NUTMEG PICTURES, P.O. Box 367, New Canaan, CT 06840

Ted Putterbaugh: male, 35-40 yrs, prime lead, 5’ 7”-5’10”,
caucasian medium build, Albert Brooks in Lost in America.

Alan Lipschitz: male, 30-35 yrs, supporting lead, 5’6" –5'-8",
Caucasian, Jon Lovitz type.

Ruth Wimsatt: female, 35-40 yrs, supporting lead, 5’3" – 5’6",
Caucasian, slim, pretty enough, but not too fashionable.

Pat Slabb : female, 50-60 yrs, support/character, Caucasian, 5’1"
to 5’ 5", authentic cockney English accent. Tough Judy Dench

Nunzio Fattaroli: male, 40-50yrs, support/character, Caucasian,

Mike Rubino: male, 19-21 yrs, support/character, Italian, 5' 8" - 5'
11", slim, Scott Baio type

Mimi: female, 32-38 yrs, support/character, 5’7"-5’10", femme
fatale, but funny.

Sheila: female 60-75 yrs, support/character, Caucasian. Gravel-
voiced, chain-,smoking secretary like in Beetle Juice.

George: male, 11-14 yrs, support/character, African-American,
Urkle/Fresh Prince combo.

Barry: male, 11-14yrs, support/character, Caucasian, chubby,
pushy, future lawyer

Leonard: male, 11-14 yrs, support/character, Caucasian,
scrawny, glasses, know-it-all

Martin: male, 11-14 yrs, support/character. Latino, young Freddie

Becky: female, 11-14 yrs, support/character, Asian. Fast talking,
speak an Asian language.

Shauna: female, 11-14 yrs, support/character, Caucasian,
actress wanna-be.

Paige: female, 11-14 yrs, support/character, Caucasian, Square
Pegs type

Caitlin: female, 11-14yrs, support/character, Caucasian, Square
Pegs type

Vikrant: male, 11-14yrs, support/character, dark hair/eyes/skin,
Pakistani/Indian accent

Becky’s Mom: female, 40-50 yrs, support/character, Asian,
speak an Asian language.

Becky’s Dad: male, 40-50 yrs, support/character, Asian, speak
an Asian language.

The Guys Upstairs: male 40’s-50’s; support/characters, identical
twins or triplets

The Big Bad Swim', a feature film directed by Ishai Setton, is looking for extras. The film will go into production throughout Southeastern Connecticut on June 1st, 2005. 'The Big Bad Swim' is an ensemble comedy/drama about a motley crew of Connecticut locals taking an adult swim class. The film will be starring Emmy-nominee Jeff Branson from “All My Children.”

'The Big Bad Swim' has cast excellent actors for all character roles and is currently looking for enthusiastic people of all ages for extra work. We are looking for extra work as Bar Patrons, Casino Workers, High School Students, Grandparents and Kids for a Pool Party Scene. Non-paid. Will only need each person for one day of filming.

The film is produced by Four Act Films, an independent film production company recently established in Old Lyme, CT. Director Ishai Setton was the producer of the feature documentary Ocho Candelas (Winner, Joyce Award for Achievement in Documentary), and the former producer and director of the Forbes Video Network. His other well-received film, 'The Butcher and the Housewife', was accepted into the prestigious GenArt Film Festival 2005, and screened in New York on Monday, April 11th. The short has also been shown at the Houston Int'l and Seattle Int'l Film Festivals.

Please send inquiries and recent photos: NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.

CCT Film Division looking to expand location library
Have you ever thought that your property could be the perfect setting for a film, TV show or TV commercial? The Film Division of the Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism invites property owners to list their properties with us for consideration as sets for film, TV, video and photo productions The CCT Film Division maintains a library of properties - residential, commercial, educational, historic, recreational and cultural - that are available for use as location sites. If you're interested in listing your property, please visit the CCT Film Division website,, and click on "Location Gallery." For more information, call the CCT Film Division at 860-571-7130.

The Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism brings together tourism, film, history and the arts. Its mission is to preserve and promote Connecticut's cultural and tourism assets in order to enhance the quality of life and economic vitality of the state.

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