DECD: Application, Instructions & Additional Information

Application, Instructions & Additional Information

Please refer to all of the forms, spreadsheets and documents listed below prior to submitting your application.

Form A: Eligibility Certificate Application & Instructions 

Form B: Key Personnel

Form C: Distribution Plan

Form D: Budget Cost Qualifier

Form E: Production Tax Credit Application & Instructions 

Form F: Detailed Cost Report*

Additional Information

Schedule of Expenditures

Audit Instructions

Form REG-1 Business Taxes Registration Application

Form REG-1 Instructions

Q & A on the Business Entity Tax

Connecticut General Statutes Section 12-217jj

Public Act 07-236


* This spreadsheet contains two workbooks, FORM F Detail Cost Report and Form F Summary Top Sheet.  Enter your data on FORM F Detail Cost Report.  Form F Summary Top Sheet will automatically take your data and display it in a summary format.  Be sure to submit both workbooks in print form and on disk. 

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