DECD: Permitting Task Force Info

The Office of the Permit Ombudsman 
Section 3 of Public Act 10-158 requires the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) commissioner to establish an office for expeditiously reviewing applications for state licenses and permits.  The office will coordinate and expedite permits and approvals with the departments of Energy & Environmental Protection, Transportation and Public Health for projects that satisfy one of the following criteria:
  1. create at least 50 permanent, full-time equivalent jobs in any of the state's 17 enterprise zones or at least 100 such jobs in non-enterprise zone communities;
  2. redevelop a brownfield site;
  3. are compatible with the state's responsible growth initiatives;
  4. develop a mix of different but compatible uses near transportation facilities and infrastructure (i.e., transit-oriented development); or
  5. develop green technology businesses.
The commissioner may provide expedited reviews for other types of projects based on their "economic impact factors."
Permit applications for projects involving the following activities are explicitly excluded from expedited review:
  1. final disposal sites for solid, biomedical, or hazardous wastes;
  2. produce electricity, unless the production is incidental and not the project's primary function;
  3. extract natural resources;
  4. produce oil; or
  5. construct, maintain, or operate an oil, petroleum, natural gas, or sewerage pipeline. 
For further information please review the following fact sheet.
Please email the Office of the Permit Ombudsman for more information about the process, or to speak with the Permit Ombudsman about a specific project or issue that you have encountered with the regulatory agencies.
      a. Energy and Environmental Protection
      b. Public Health
      c. Transportation
The Connecticut Licensing Info Center and the Smart Start for Business system streamlines the state's business licensing and registration process for new, expanding and relocating businesses.  Information about business requirements and application forms are available online at, while personal assistance is available during business hours through the Smart Start office.  Smart Start partners with Connecticut's Business Response Center which provides information and referrals for government, regional and private programs to support business development.  Services are offered at no cost to customers.  Contact the office at 800-392-2122 or
For more information, please follow the links to the regulatory agencies: Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Department of Transportation, and the Department of Public Health for permits, licenses, and requirements.