DECD: Why Connecticut

The Connecticut Advantage
Connecticut's strategic location is your competitive advantage. Here in the heart of America's business corridor, you'll have ready access to major markets, financial centers and universities, as well as to hundreds of prospective suppliers and business partners.
Connecticut offers easy access to both the Boston and New York metropolitan areas.  With the U.S. Capital (Washington D.C.) and Canada within a days drive. Connecticut is one of the best places for business in the world.

Within 500 miles of Connecticut, you'll find states with 1/3 of the nation's:
  • Population
  • Gross Domestic Product
  • Total Jobs
  • Businesses                 
Connecticut is home to vibrant high technology industries such as bioscience, aerospace, medical technology and defense.  The state is a research and development hub, and a leader in emerging technologies - fuel cell, alternative energy, nanotechnology and the film & digital media industry.
Connecticut is home to many of the leading insurance companies, earning the nickname "Insurance Capital of the World".  And the state's financial services sector is recognized for its overall excellence, both in terms of workforce talent and innovation.
Connecticut's employee productivity ranks 5th highest nationally.  In addition, Connecticut has the third highest rate of advanced degrees with 16.6% of adults reporting an advanced degree for the 2015 Census.  Connecticut’s workforce is ranked nationally as the most educated labor pool and ranked near the top in employee productivity.
Connecticut boasts over 42 colleges and universities, ranging from Ivy League to community colleges offering two-year degrees and job training programs to world-class research institutions turning out highly educated workers and entrepreneurs.
Connecticut has a wide array of incentives that help businesses strengthen their competitive edge.  The state offers financing incentives and a number of business assistance programs to improve productivity and profitability.
Connecticut is unequaled in opportunities essential to enjoying a first class quality of life.
  • Opportunities for cultural activities throughout Connecticut are diverse and plentiful, across the state are museums, theaters, vineyards, casinos, aquariums and historic landmarks.
  • Access to 250 miles of easily accessible shoreline, numerous pristine rivers and lakes, hundreds of serene trails for hiking and biking or snowboarding, numerous world class entertainment venues, museums and first rate dining.
  • The average level of educational attainment is ranked third and per capita income is number one nationally.
  • High quality urban, suburban and rural housing of varying styles and tastes is abundant.
In Connecticut, the world is at your fingertips. The vast network of transportation resources, including highways and airports, from the New York metropolitan region through Connecticut up to the Boston metropolitan area, provides business travel mobility around the world. Our rapidly expanding Bradley International Airport jets you to destinations across the country and around the world.
Long Island Sound ports link with our rail lines and highways to distribute goods throughout the northeastern U.S. and Canada. And our East Coast location makes it easy to do business with Europe.