DECD: 2011 Air Show a Boon to Connecticut Aerospace Suppliers

2011 Air Show a Boon to Connecticut Aerospace Suppliers
September 6, 2011
Contact:  Jim Watson (DECD), 860-270-8182
                 Wayne Sumple (CCAT), 860-282-4222

EDAC Aero and Flanagan Industries Secure Over $60 Million in Contracts
Connecticut aerospace suppliers secured millions of dollars of contracts at this summer’s Paris Air Show, demonstrating the industry sector’s strength and overall competitiveness in the worldwide aerospace market. 
EDAC Aero of Farmington and Newington secured more than $50 million in long-term contracts from major European aerospace manufacturers after recently concluding months of negotiations.  Flanagan Industries signed a contract worth over $10 million.  In addition, Connecticut’s signature aerospace company – United Technologies Corporation – reported significant orders for jet engines at the show, further positive news for the state’s suppliers.
“Connecticut’s aerospace companies are among the best in the industry, and the Paris Air Show was a great opportunity to demonstrate their excellence in technology and precision manufacturing,” said Governor Malloy. “We will continue to build relationships with key partners overseas, and as the new contracts for EDAC Aero and Flanagan Industries illustrate, this translates into more opportunities to increase investment in the state.  Positioning Connecticut as a leader in aerospace innovation will help move our economy, expand jobs and grow our companies.”
The 49th Paris Air Show, held June 20-24 in Le Bourget, France, attracted 2,000 international exhibitors.
“Due to perseverance, research and our multiple trips to the air shows with Team Connecticut, Flanagan Industries has diversified and increased our presence in the European aerospace community,” said Kevin Flanagan, director of sales at Flanagan Industries.  “I am proud to announce that our company has signed a long-term contract with a new European customer in excess of $10 million for parts to be manufactured in Connecticut for the next 20 years.”  Flanagan Industries, of Glastonbury, was just one of the Connecticut exhibitors to reap success as a result of their air show participation.
The Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) joined forces with the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT), Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P), Yankee Gas Services (YGS) and 18 aerospace firms from throughout the state to create an exhibit that showcased the state’s aerospace attributes.  DECD business recruiters met with more than a dozen aerospace business executives interested in learning about Connecticut and exploring ways to enter or expand in the North American market.
The value of the Air Show to Connecticut companies is clear.  “These strategically significant pieces of business cannot be left to emails, presentations or phone conversations alone and the air shows play a significant role as meeting participants tend to have a ‘let’s get things done’ attitude,” said Tom Couture, EDAC Aero vice president of sales/marketing, whose company was part of the Connecticut exhibit. 
According to CCAT, there are more than 1,000 firms and 40,000 workers in the state’s aerospace industry. CL&P President & COO Jeff Butler said that the aerospace industry is an “economic mainstay” in Connecticut and that CL&P strives to help the state stimulate and expand that and other important industries.  “If the State of Connecticut succeeds, we at CL&P succeed,” Butler said. 
CCAT President & CEO Elliot Ginsberg said Connecticut’s aerospace companies advance the notion that manufacturing is “alive and well” in the state.  “It is critical that our firms have a presence at venues such as the Paris and Farnborough (U.K.) air shows to demonstrate Connecticut has among the best precision manufacturers in the world,” he added.  “We believe the results coming in validate the air show as a valuable venue for our companies and we look forward to repeating this effort in 2012 at the Farnborough Air Show in the U.K.,” Ginsberg said.
“We are especially proud of the showing our suppliers and component manufacturers made at one of the world’s largest air shows and look forward to helping these firms as new business flows into Connecticut,” said Catherine Smith, commissioner of DECD.