DECD: Compliance Reviews

Contractual and compliance monitoring obligations are diverse because of the many types of DECD programs available, the wide range of eligible activities and the broad array of clients the department serves as part of fulfilling its mission.  In all cases, DECD monitors statutory, regulatory and contractual compliance throughout the term of the contract.  Compliance reviews vary by program, contract and recipient.  Recipients of DECD financial assistance include but are not limited to:
  • Businesses and Industry (large and small)
  • Housing Developers and Public Housing Authorities
  • Municipalities, Quasi and Public Agencies
  • Museums, Theatre Organizations or Other Not for Profit Organizations
All compliance reviews have at least two components: (1) financial and (2) statutory and contractual deliverables.  The primary tool for financial compliance is an audit.
Statutory and contractual deliverables include but are not limited to:
  • Providing financial statements
  • Residency requirements for homeowners and businesses assisted
  • Creating and/or retaining jobs
  • Creating or rehabilitating housing units
  • Providing housing services to a tenant population
  • Building or improving infrastructure