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The information available here includes material specific to working in Connecticut as well as general information that can be helpful anywhere you shoot.

Connecticut State Map 
About Connecticut

Please visit our Production Resource Directory to search for experienced crew and production services in Connecticut. The following link will take you to a list containing union contact information for Connecticut. The following link will take you to the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) web site, where guidelines on using child actors are provided. State of Connecticut law does not specifically address this issue, but the Department of Labor provides a useful checklist of working with minors.

Film Friendly Lodgings
Looking for film friendly accommodations in Connecticut?  Our online Production Resource Directory contains film friendly hotels, corporate housing, extended stay, and inns and motels.  Click on Search Support Services,  then check all Accomodations listings that apply.

Regional Film Offices
Farmington Valley Film Commission
New London Film Commission

New Milford Film Commission

Film Green
Guide to Local Building Material Reuse Centers
Reuse Centers and Material Exchanges
Connecticut Green Lodging Certified Hotels
Connecticut Food Bank
Department of Energy & Environmental Protection

Producers Guild of America Green Production Guide

State Resources
The Official State of Connecticut Website
Department of Energy and Environmental Protection - State Parks & Forests
Permission to Film on Limited Access Highways

For a complete list of all the Agencies and Offices in Connecticut State Government visit the portal site.

Business Resources
Connecticut Business & Industry Association (CBIA)
Connecticut Economic Resource Center (CERC)

General Resources
ALSAM - The Association of Location Scouts and Managers
Association of Film Commissioners International
Internet Movie Database
Writers Guild of America


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