LTCOP: Nancy's Bio

Nancy B. Shaffer, Connecticut State Long Term Care Ombudsman 
Nancy Shaffer was appointed the Connecticut State Long Term Care Ombudsman in 2006. In this role, she oversees the statewide Program in its advocacy work for more than 30,000 long term care consumers who reside in skilled nursing facilities, residential care homes, and assisted living/managed residential communities. Ms. Shaffer identifies issues and develops policies, regulations and legislation to improve the supports and services for these individuals.
Ms. Shaffer holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a Master's Degree in Human Development/Gerontology. She has worked extensively in the long term care continuum of services and supports in Connecticut. She is a member of the Long Term Care Advisory Council, the Connecticut Elder Action Network and actively participates in a variety of stakeholder workgroups, legislative task forces and study committees. She is an active member of the National Association of State Ombudsman Programs and has served on its Board. Ms. Shaffer promotes quality care and services for elders and disabled individuals in all settings and is committed to individual choice no matter age and/or disability. During her tenure as State Ombudsman Ms. Shaffer has promoted issues of importance to residents including nursing home closures and “Fear of Retaliation”. The Connecticut Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program contracted with the University of Connecticut to study perceptions of residents and caregivers about fear of retaliation. The Ombudsman Program developed a training curriculum, including a video, about residents’ experience of fear of retaliation. The video and curriculum are now used by other Ombudsman Programs around the country as well as higher education gerontology programs. In 2013, the Connecticut General Assembly passed the first legislation of its kind in the country which recognizes the need for greater awareness and education of the issue of Fear of Retaliation for long term care residents. Senate Bill 519 mandates annual training for nursing home caregivers.

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