OPM: STARS State Analytical Reporting System

STARS State Analytical Reporting System

State Analytical Reporting System (STARS)


OPM has undertaken a new project (with the support of Core-CT) to implement a new analytics and reporting tool (STARS) that presents data in report format and interactive dashboards. The new system will provide the State with advanced analytical and reporting capabilities for human resources/financial management and will enhance decision making. This system will also allow the State to integrate results based accountability and key performance indicators into the biennial budget process. The goal is for STARS to become the statewide data repository for human resources and financial data.


The project is scheduled for multi-phase implementation beginning in the spring of 2014 and continuing through 2017. The first phase is limited to selected staff within the central agencies (OPM, OSC, and DAS) and subsequent phases will included the roll out to all executive branch state agencies.

  • Phase 1
    • Part 1 - Human Resources, General Ledger and Commitment Control - "June 2014"
    • Part 2 Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Assets, Procure and Spend "May 2015"
  • Phase 2
    •  Project Costing, Customer Contracts, Inventory- "March 2016"
    • Begin work on Medicaid Data Initiative
  • Phase 3
    •  Statewide rollout to all executive branch agencies - "May 2017"

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