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Procurement Plans and Schedules

A State agency wishing to purchase health or human services must submit a procurement plan to the OPM Secretary for review and approval.  Approved Plans are posted below.  The purchase of such services must also abide by the procurement standards established by the OPM Secretary. 

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This template is provided to assist an agency in developing a procurement schedule.  The procurement schedule in one of eight required components in an agency's procurement plan.  When fully and properly completed, the schedule will provide all the information required by OPM.

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December 2011

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If an agency wishes to change a service from competitive to non-competitive on its approved schedule, a Request To Amend Procurement Schedule must be submitted to OPM, via the PSA|POS Request Website, at least three months before the service is scheduled for competitive procurement.  No requested amended to the procurement schedule shall be implemented until the agency receives written approval from OPM.  An agency should allow (at least) 15 business days for OPM to review a requested amendment to the procurement schedule.  If approved, an agency must publish the amended procurement schedule on its website.

An agency may also decided - at any time and for any reason - to conduct a competitive procurement for an existing service, if an agency deems it necessary, appropriate, or otherwise in the best interest of the State.  In such instances, an agency is required to submit a Request To Amend Procurement Schedule to OPM, via the PSA|POS Request Website, to rescind an approved program waiver.  If approved, an agency must publish the amended procurement schedule on its website.  As a courtesy, an agency should also notify any current contractor(s) providing the service about the amended procurement schedule. 

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