OPM: Division of Administration

The goal of the Division of Administration is to deliver diversified services which provide OPM employees with the tools, environment, information, and support necessary to accomplish OPM's mission.

The Division of Administration articulates and implements the vision and policies of the Secretary of OPM and directs the administrative management of the agency through:

  • communication with all staff members and external customers,
  • implementation of policies, procedures and regulations,
  • facilitation of intra-agency and inter-agency problem solving.

The Division of Administration’s services are delivered by four units: Accounting and Audit, Business Operations, Human Resources, and Information Systems Support.

The Accounting and Audit Unit processes expenditures, maintains account data, prepares financial reports, keeps track of agency financial information, and performs audit reviews of OPM’s subgrant information.

The Business Operations Unit coordinates and maintains the OPM budget and the operations of the agency including purchasing and contract administration; inventory control and disposition; fleet, mail, and courier services; staff travel; facility management; and records retention.

The Human Resources Unit administers a comprehensive personnel management program which encompasses labor relations, collective bargaining, staffing and recruitment. The unit also administers the payroll function and benefits package for all OPM employees.

The Information Systems Support Unit provides management and support services for the agency’s computer systems, specialized software application development, network administration, telecommunications support including Internet access, and OPM technology planning.

For Further Information, Contact:
MaryAnn Palmarozza, Chief Administrative Officer, (860) 418-6360; maryann.palmarozza@ct.gov

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