OPM: Planning & Zoning Statutes

Planning & Zoning Statutes

Planning and Zoning Statutes, available below,  is a compendium of laws that the Office of Policy and Management (OPM) compiles as a useful guide for those involved with municipal land use issues.

Planning and Zoning Statutes contains excerpts from the General Statutes of Connecticut, Revised to January 1, 2005. These statutes pertain to the duties of local planning and zoning officials, town planners, zoning boards of appeal and conservation and wetlands commissions. Statutes that govern plans of conservation and development are also included in the compendium, as are statutes related to public records and Freedom of Information Act requirements.

Planning and Zoning Statutes is available only on OPM's website; it is not available in a published hard copy format. It is important to note that this compendium is intended to serve only as a guide; the official source of statutory information is the most recent edition of the General Statutes of Connecticut.

Also available below, are two reports, 2005 Planning and Zoning Legislation and 2006 Planning and Zoning Legislation, which are compilations of recently enacted Public and Special Acts that affect local land use officials.


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