LeanCT is the program within the Office of Finance at the Office of Policy and Management (OPM) that is responsible for the daily management and coordination of Connecticut’s statewide process improvement initiative.

The program assists agencies in using organizational, process and programmatic improvement techniques, such as Lean, to help create a sustainable, customer-focused, and more efficient future for Connecticut.

The duties of the program staff are to:

  1. Chair the Statewide Process Improvement Steering Committee;
  2. Develop and implement a comprehensive statewide strategy that will expand and build upon the use of Lean and other process improvement techniques to further increase the efficient and responsive delivery of services;
  3. Work with agencies to provide and/or identify resources for the deployment of process improvement efforts, as well as foster internal capacity within agencies to undertake this work;
  4. Work with agencies to promote an organizational culture that stimulates employee creativity and problem-solving skills to make real and lasting changes, including a collaborative effort with agency Savings and Transformation committees;
  5. Coordinate efforts with OPM’s Information Technology Capital Investment program to maximize efficiency initiatives through the use of technology;
  6.  Assist in developing partnerships with private and non-profit sectors to glean information on best practices and improve the way Connecticut does business;
  7. Collect data and report on agency process improvement projects, including information on completed and proposed projects, improvement outcomes and process participants;
  8. Report on the progress of the implementation of the state's process improvement efforts to the Governor by October 30, 2014 and annually thereafter; and
  9. Take other such actions as are appropriate to this critical effort.

For Further Information, Contact:
Alison Newman Fisher, (860) 418-6212; alison.fisher@ct.gov

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