PURA: Filing a Complaint

Filing a Complaint

Our staff has been trained to assist you in resolving the various types of problems you may experience with your utility company. The most common complaints we receive involve:
  • termination and reconnection of service, 
  • high bills,
  • quality of service,
  • service installation, 
  • line extensions, 
  • meter tests, 
  • incorrect rates or tariffs,
  • reasonable payment arrangements, 
  • outages, 
  • deposits,
  • and unauthorized switching of utility service from one provider to another.
If you experience a problem with a utility company, please contact the utility company first and give it an opportunity to resolve your problem.

You can find your company's telephone number by selecting one of the following utility service areas:

CATV  |  Gas  |  Electric  |  Telephone  |  Water  |  Cell Phone
 If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, please contact us at the PURA.
1-800-382-4586 (toll free within Connecticut)
1-860-827-2622 (outside Connecticut)
TDD 860-827-2837
File a Complaint
Content last updated August 2018