seec: Disclosure and Auidit Unit

 Disclosure and Audit Unit

The Campaign Disclosure and Audit Unit acts as the repository for all committee registrations, financial reports and forms related to the Citizens Election Program (CEP). The Unit is also responsible for reviewing all financial reports received and providing feedback and recommendations for corrective action to the treasurers.
Upon a candidate committee's application for funds under the Citizens Election Program, the Unit is responsible for reviewing the application and making recommendations to the Commission.
Unit staff works closely with members of all other Units in the agency; acting as facilitators in trainings regarding the Electronic Campaign Reporting Information System (eCRIS), the Citizens' Election Program, filing requirements for Party, Political, and Municipal candidate committees. Staff is also involved in assisting in the enhancements to the electronic filing system.
The Campaign Disclosure and Audit Unit takes great pride in its ability to provide assistance to individuals involved in campaigns and committee work through a cooperative effort of education and feedback. Our motto is "Compliance through Cooperation".
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