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How to contact the Water Planning Council:

You may contact the WPC or any workgroup or committee serving the WPC by sending an email to wpc@ct.gov.  Please be as specific as possible with your question or comment.  If your question or comment is specific to a particular workgroup, your e-mail will be forwarded to the contact person for that group.
To be added to the e-alert distribution list for news updates and meeting announcements, you may register by clicking the "Receive Updates by e-mail" link or simply send an e-mail to wpc@ct.gov with the subject line "Please send me WPC e-alerts."

Problems with this site?
Please report any technical issues you are experiencing with this website to the site administrator at wpc@ct.gov.
Examples of technical issues that should be reported include:
  • Pages not loading properly
  • Problems logging in as a registered guest
  • Broken hyperlinks
  • Problems with the e-alert system
  • Malicious content or unexpected behavior when loading pages or clicking links
Before reporting, please ensure that you are viewing the site using Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Internet Explorer is the only supported web browser for viewing this site.

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