WPC: Drought Plan Work Group

State Drought Plan Workgroup
The State Drought Plan Workgroup was formed by the Water Planning Council Advisory Group (WPCAG) as the result of a directive from the Water Planning Council (WPC) to improve the Connecticut Drought Preparedness and Response Plan ("State Drought Plan").  The current State Drought Plan was last adopted by the WPC in 2003.

The 2003 State Drought Plan is in need of revision because it has proven difficult to implement during the few episodes of drought Connecticut has experienced since the plan's adoption.  In addition, the political sensitivity of declaring a drought plays a role in the effectiveness of the State Drought Plan.

As a volunteer body representing several water interest groups inside and outside of state government, the State Drought Plan Workgroup has the responsibility of updating the State Drought Plan so that it may be reliably and consistently implemented during future periods of drought.  This involves identifying and analyzing alternatives to address the shortcomings of the existing plan.  For example, the workgroup is reconsidering the plan's reliance on several "statewide" drought indicators, since it is known that drought conditions can be localized and not necessarily felt across the entire state.  Drought response actions (such as coordination, public outreach, conservation, and preparedness) are also being updated to be more realistic and achievable based upon the abilities of the state, municipalities, and water utilities to manage a drought situation.

Current Status
The State Drought Plan Workgroup is jointly chaired by Denise Savageau (Town of Greenwich) and Virginia de Lima (USGS-retired).  Note that the State Drought Plan workgroup is separate from the Interagency Drought Workgroup, which is the group responsible for implementing the State Drought Plan.
Meetings of the workgroup occur monthly and are usually held at the offices of OPM or PURA.
For further information on drought or water conditions, please visit the Connecticut Water Status website.
Have an idea for improving the State Drought Plan?  We want to hear about it!
Anyone is welcome to contribute comments or suggestions for the revision of the State Drought Plan.  Interested individuals may submit comments or suggestions to wpc@ct.gov (subject line: "Drought Plan Comments")  The State Drought Plan Workgroup will consider all comments it receives and will make every effort to respond to contributors.

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