WPC: Science & Technical

Science & Technical Workgroup
The Science & Technical Workgroup, as with the Policy Workgroup, acts as a subcommittee of the WPC Steering Committee.  It was established for the purpose of determining what data are needed, at what scale, for inclusion in the Connecticut State Water Plan.  The Science & Technical Workgroup provides recommendations to the Steering Committee as to the data, collection methods, scientific assessments, and modeling necessary to determine the following:
  • Quantities and qualities of water that are available for public water supply, health, economic (including agricultural and power), recreation, and environmental benefits on a regional watershed basin scale considering both surface water and groundwater
  • Data collection and analysis needs to provide for data driven water planning and permitting decisions
  • Present and projected demands for potable and non-potable (better matching source to use) water resources on statewide and regional basin scales
  • Impact of climate change on the availability and abundance of water and to promote development in concert with available water resources
  • The ecological, environmental, public health and safety, and economic impact that implementation of the state water plan will have to Connecticut
  • Additional topics or policies not specified in PA 14-163 related to the need for data and information regarding the projected availability and demand for the state's water resources that should be included in the plan
  • Methods to maintain and update data for the plan on a forward-looking basis
  • Modifications to laws and regulations that are necessary in order to implement the recommendations of the workgroup
In carrying out the above, the Science & Technical Workgroup considers plans and documents such as the following:
  • Individual provider water supply plans
  • Water quality standards
  • Stream flow classifications
  • Water utility coordinating committee plans
  • State Plan of Conservation and Development
  • Regional sewer plans
For further information about the Science & Technical Workgroup, please send an email to:  wpc@ct.gov

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