WPC: Other State Plans

Other States' Plans Workgroup
The Other States’ Plans Workgroup (OSPW) was established in November, 2014 for the purpose of reviewing the water planning efforts of other states, in order to identify water planning practices that may be applicable to the development of a State Water Plan for Connecticut.
Using Public Act 14-163 as the context, the OSPW reviewed and summarized the state water plans developed by nineteen other states, and based on that research, produced a Final Report to the Water Planning Council (WPC).  The report identified nine broad planning principles, which are fundamental concepts essential to the development of a state water plan, and a table of key elements, which are more specific recommendations intended to assist in the implementation of the plan.

Water Planning Principles
  1. Ongoing funding
  2. Based on science and data-driven
  3. Public and stakeholder process
  4. Integrated approach
  5. Fair and equitable process for balancing values
  6. Ongoing, iterative planning
  7. Planning that informs policy and legislative change
  8. Conservation
  9. Education

Key Elements of a State Water Plan
  1. State-level institutional process
    • Public participation and education
    • Lead agency
    • Policy
    • Priority-setting and conflict resolution process
    • Technical support
    • Funding
  2. Regional/local water planning process elements
    • Scope
    • Timing
    • Regional/local stakeholder participation
  3. Water resource assessment elements
    • Assessment goals
    • Assessment units
    • Data and models
    • Climate change

Additionally, the OSPW Final Report contained a Model Table of Contents consisting of topics common to other states' plans that might serve as a starting point for Connecticut's water plan.  After presenting the report, the OSPW was asked to revise and resubmit the model table of contents to include specific issues raised by the WPC and Steering Committee. The revised Model Table of Contents, including an annotated version containing suggested content for each section, was completed on September 17, 2015.

Downloadable Documents
For further information about the OSPW, please send an email to:  wpc@ct.gov

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