WPC: Small Systems Workgroup

Small Systems Workgroup
The Small Systems Workgroup includes representatives from PURA, OCC, DPH, DEEP, water utilities and interested stakeholders.  It was formed in 2014 at the request of the WPC to review and follow up on the study prepared by the Townsley Group on small systems developed pursuant to Public Act 13-298.
The workgroup is reviewing the processes from the creation of small systems through to the acquisition of such systems. It is considering options to achieve the following:
  • Simplify and streamline procedures currently in place to promote greater opportunities for success and better assure customers in those systems will have quality water and service.
  • Ensure that appropriate rates and governance are established for any new small systems so they can maintain viability.
  • Systematically identify small systems that are at risk for failure and provide tools for regulators to use to promote compliance and appropriate funding sources.
For further information about the Small Systems Workgroup, please send an email to:  wpc@ct.gov

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