connect ability: Evaluating the Workplace

Evaluating the Workplace

A workplace that is comfortable for all is the most accommodating kind.
Changing Atmosphere
When evaluating the workplace for new employees with disabilities, think of it as adjusting to the needs and comforts of all. For example: a desk with height adjustment capability is just as accommodating for a person who is simply taller or shorter than average as it is for a person in a wheelchair.
Of course, there are specific adjustments needed for certain disabilities, but most cost very little or nothing at all. It's just a matter of being flexible. Some suggestions in identifying an employee's workplace accommodation are:
Involve the employee who has the disability in every step of the process. The more communication, the better.
Identify any of the employee's functional limitations as they relate to the job functions.
Consult with rehabilitation professionals, if necessary.
View examples of specific situations and accommodation solutions.
Changing Attitude
Beyond the physical surroundings, attitude is also a very important thing to consider. To create a comfortable working environment for all, the employer may want to consider providing employees with information about people with disabilities. Some suggestions are to:
  • Include disability awareness in the orientation process.
  • Provide ongoing information on disability for all employees.
  • Form a disability support group.
The more informed employees are, the more easily they will interact with fellow coworkers with disabilities, and the more productive the company will be as a whole.

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