CTCDD: Advocacy, Public Information and Education Meeting Minutes, June 30, 2008

Advocacy, Public Information and Education Meeting Minutes, June 30, 2008


ATTENDANCE:  Joyce Baker, Armand Legault, Jennifer Lortie and Nancy Taylor.


ABSENT:  Bill Broadbridge, Patti Carrin, Kathryn duPree, Leo Germain, Jamie Graham


DD STAFF: Mary Ann Langton


GUESTS:  Two Personal Assistants


Ms. Taylor began the meeting at 10:15 a.m.  The minutes of 10-15-07 were not approved because there was not a quorum at the meeting. 


Mr. Legault questioned why the committee has not had a committee meeting since October 15, 2007.  Ms. Taylor stated that many people from the committee have served on the Able Lives Task Force Committee and there have been many meetings with CPTV. In addition, Ms. Langton added that a task force from the committee was involved with the development of the 2007 Annual Report.


There was a lengthy discussion about the goals for the committee.  Ms. Taylor said The Hartford Courant might not be the best way for expressing the committee viewpoints because of their decline in readers.  Also, there have been many changes with their organization.  Members gave their ideas of how to influence the public.  Ms. Taylor agreed to create a grid                         with all the ideas.


Members discussed the lack of members for the committee.  This is because of the committee members who have either resigned or have decided not be on the Council for another year.  Ms. Langton will explore the possibility of new Council members becoming active on the Advocacy, Public Information and Education Committee (APIE) before they are appointed.   


The committee talked about sending an email to the Council asking for assistance to support Mr. Germain with his move to New Horizonís Village.

The email would state that people power was needed and NOT financial contributions.  The email would not be sent without the approval of Mr. Germain.  (UPDATE:  Personal requests cannot be sent on the state computer.)


The meeting was adjourned at noon. 



Respectfully Submitted,

Mary-Ann Langton

Disability Policy Specialist

CT Council on Developmental Disabilities

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