DEEP: Blue Plan Adaptive Management

Blue Plan Adaptive Management
As outlined in the Blue Plan Vision and Goals document, Blue Plan “planning and implementation processes will be updated as traditional uses are better understood or new uses emerge and as environmental, social, and economic conditions change.”
As a final draft copy of the Blue Plan must be completed by March 1, 2019, there is a limited time to collect all the possible data and information on the human use and ecological characteristics of Long Island Sound. It is also very difficult to predict any future environmental or human use changes that may occur in the Sound.
{Multiple users of Long Island Sound}
Therefore, as identified in Public Act 15-66, the Blue Plan must be reviewed and updated every 5 years once it is adopted. Additionally the Blue Plan Advisory Committee, within available resources, is required to hold at least one public hearing each year to receive comments and submissions from the public on the Blue Plan.
With ongoing input and comments, we will be able to adapt the Plan as necessary to possible changes like new scientific data, new proposed uses to Long Island Sound, movements of species, new issues as identified by the public, etc.
Take a look at other Marine Spatial Plans in the surrounding region and how they’ve utilized adaptive management.
Content Last Updated March 8, 2018