DEEP: Blue Plan Sound Science

Blue Plan Sound Science
{The research vessel John Dempsey} As stated in the Blue Plan Vision and Goals document, "the plan shall use accurate, relevant data and information, from traditional knowledge to cutting-edge science and innovative mapping technologies to support planning and management of Long Island Sound resources and uses."
The Blue Plan has compiled a series of datasets, available on various online portals, focusing on ecological resources and human uses of Long Island Sound.
These datasets have been transformed into easy-to-use "Map Templates" that provide an overview of the data in Long Island Sound, as well as descriptive information as to what the data means and how it was developed. The data and map templates have been reviewed by scientific and human use experts to inform The Blue Plan team on whether the data is relevant, accurate, and sufficient to use in the final plan. Experts in these fields are also helping suggest other sources of data and information to inform the Plan.  
{Example of data map template for hypoxia in LIS}
{Example of data from hypoxia map template}
The collection of this data and information will form the Inventory of Resources and Human Uses of Long Island Sound. This final inventory will guide the ecological characterization of Long Island Sound, assist in determining "Ecologically Significant Areas," and provide the foundation for the development of the Blue Plan.
Take a look at the data that has been collected and where that data came from:
Content Last Updated March 8, 2018