DEEP: Blue Plan Transparent Process

Blue Plan Transparent Process
{December 2017 Stakeholder Outreach Event at UConn Avery Point} As outlined in the Blue Plan Vision and Goals document, "plan development and implementation should be open and transparent, utilizing multiple means to communicate with and seek input from all interested parties and ensuring adequate information representation of all stakeholders."
To meet this goal, the Blue Plan team strives to share as much information about the progress and development of the Blue Plan with stakeholders and public users of Long Island Sound as possible. The Stakeholder Engagement Program highlights the processes by which all interested parties (e.g., the general public, stakeholders, experts, Blue Plan officials) will be engaged in Blue Plan development, and the outlets through which we share this information include the Long Island Sound Blue Plan listserv, Advisory Committee Meetings and other stakeholder events, and DEEPís Facebook Page.
As part of our effort to be transparent, the Blue Plan team welcomes your input on Blue Plan progress and documents thourgh the Long Island Sound Blue Plan comment form and via email to  You can review our Subcommittee and Work Team Documents to see how the Blue Plan is progressing and provide your input.
In addition, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions related to the Blue Plan, which were generated from stakeholders and public users of Long Island Sound and answered by Blue Plan staff and Advisory Committee Members.
Content Updated March 8, 2018