DEEP: Long Island Sound Blue Plan Video Series

Long Island Sound Blue Plan Video Series
The Long Island Sound Blue Plan Video Series is a collection of six videos about the Blue Plan, featuring interviews with Blue Plan Advisory Committee members, ecological experts, and other sector representatives.  The series includes an introductory video and five others that focus on Long Island Sound's importance to ecological resources and human uses.
What is the Blue Plan? (Length: 3 1/2 minutes): This video gives an overview of and introduction to the Long Island Sound Blue Plan, its focus and goals and the process behind developing the Plan.
Ecologically Significant Areas (Length 7 minutes): The importance of Long Island Sound as a unique estuary and ecosystem is discussed, including interviews with some of the ecological experts involved in the process of identifying Ecologically Significant Areas (ESAs).  The ESAs allow the Blue Plan to provide a science-based decision-making process to help protect the places that matter the most.
{Link to Commercial Fishing and Aquaculture video} Commercial Fishing and Aquaculture (Length: 5 1/2 minutes): Commercial fishing, shellfishing, and aquaculture are significant contributors to Connecticut's economy, and their vital role is highlighted in this video.  Blue Plan Advisory Committee members and several Connecticut fishermen explore how the Blue Plan can be used to protect traditional human uses like commercial fishing by reducing negative interactions between different sectors and the Sound's natural resources.
{Link to Cultural and Historic Features video} Cultural and Historic Features (Length: 5 minutes): This video focuses on how the waters of Long Island Sound have long been important to the people of Connecticut and have shaped how we live.  Interviews with tribal leaders, state historic preservation and archeology representatives, and Advisory Committee members affirm how the Sound defines Connecticut, from archeological finds to historic districts to our long-standing maritime heritage, and how the Blue Plan can be used to preserve these special areas.
{Link to Recreation video} Recreation (Length: 5 1/2 minutes): "There's fun out there!"  This video explores the many recreational uses of Long Island Sound, including nature watching, swimming, and SCUBA diving.  Interviews of Blue Plan Advisory Committee members and representatives of the recreational boating, recreational fishing, charter boat, and SCUBA diving sectors highlight how the Blue Plan can be used to help properly site new uses in the Sound to minimize conflicts with recreational uses.
{Link to Transportation and Infrastructure video} Transportation and Infrastructure (Length 5 minutes): Long Island Sound plays a critical role in transporting people, goods, and energy in the region, helping reduce both highway congestion and greenhouse gas emissions.  Likewise, Connecticut's ports are vital contributors to the economy by sending and receiving goods such as petroleum, steel, salt, and lumber.  This video includes interviews with Advisory Committee members tied to these transportation and energy sectors and focuses on how the Blue Plan can be used to provide the best siting for projects to reduce conflicts with existing uses.
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Content Last Updated April 30, 2019