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The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CT DOT), recognizing the need to provide hands-on work experience not typically available to students in the traditional academic setting, has established an unpaid internship program to acquaint students with the DOT’s mission.  Our internship program allows qualified students to obtain credit from their institution, while gaining valuable experience in the workforce.  Attracting and retaining top-notch employees is crucial to the success of the DOT.  To foster both their personal and professional growth, interns are afforded an opportunity to familiarize themselves with hands-on work of the Agency, such as training in introductory professional engineering,  construction, community planning, public transportation, agency administration, policy development, communications and outreach.


The DOT seeks students who have completed their sophomore year of academic courses or greater and are students in good standing.  Students must be pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.  Applicants from a variety of academic majors are sought.


Academic Component:  Since the academic requirements of participating institutions of higher education may vary, each intern should consult with his or her college or university advisor or internship director for specific academic requirements and credits to be awarded for participation in the program.


Selection and Placement:   Selection is made by the Supervising Manager of the Division where the placement is to be made and/or assignment is to occur.  Appointments will be made in accordance with the academic term being considered.  The intern is supervised by one staff member who will complete the student evaluation.


Unpaid interns may not independently perform the regular work performed by employees; however they may shadow employees to gain experience and/ or complete assignments, write papers, develop proposals, conduct surveys and collect data, as part of their educational experience as approved by their learning institution.


A workable and mutually beneficial relationship between the students, their instructors, and the DOT is a major goal of the internship program.  Every effort will be made to affect a match that is satisfactory to both parties.  All internships are unpaid.


If a student is interested in an internship with the CT DOT, he or she must submit an Internship Verification Form (fillable pdf), a cover letter which includes the title of his/her degree program, the anticipated date of graduation, as well as a brief paragraph that outlines the reason for the internship, the goal/intent of the internship and the type of experience being sought to: David M. Maher, 2780 Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT  06111, or via e-mail to   



The State of Connecticut is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and strongly encourages the applications of women, minorities, and persons with disabilities.




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